How Security Guards Are Reducing Crime Within the Community Without a Badge

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How Security Guards Are Reducing Crime Within the Community Without a Badge

7 August 2015
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When it comes to reducing crime, the police have their hands full. It's just not possible for them to be everywhere, all the time, and many times they are called after a crime has been committed. For communities and businesses who want to prevent crime in their neighbourhoods, it takes more than just a helpful police department.

While it's never recommended that a civilian confront someone committing a crime, trained security guards are more than capable of doing so, and they can be the missing link that helps keep crime out of the community. They may not carry a badge, but security guards can help reduce crime and keep communities safe.

Security guards in businesses

Businesses who use security guards as a crime deterrent get much more than just protection for their property. While security guards do cut down on theft in retail establishments, they also provide much more for your business. Security guards provide a peace of mind for shoppers as well as store owners, and they can keep a subtle eye on employees as well. Many thieves will pass up a retail store with a security guard because it increases their chances of getting caught, and if you have a security guard on-site after business hours, you receive these benefits and more.

After-hours security guards can keep an eye out for vandals, problems with the premises, such as power outages, and employees that might be tempted to try and gain access to the property without your knowledge. Security guards are your eyes and ears around the clock, and that can be a huge help in reducing crime in your business.

Neighbourhood security guards

Security isn't just an issue for businesses; more neighbourhoods are turning to private security firms to keep an eye on public areas and community spaces to keep criminals from moving in. The traditional neighbourhood watch used to incorporate regular, untrained civilians patrolling their neighbourhood streets, but today it's much safer to have trained security in places where crime is prevalent.

Having a visible security presence within a community can make residents feel safer and reduce actual crime. Many residential crimes are "crimes of opportunity," rather than planned criminal acts. With security in place, there are fewer opportunities for criminals to commit crimes without being seen. 

Some communities, such as gated communities, include the cost of private security in the cost of the homes sold within the community. Apartments and condominium complexes can take the same approach. For communities with no organized management, residents can choose to pool their private resources to pay for security services. If enough residents want to hire a guard or even several guards, the cost per resident could be fairly low, and more than worth the minimal cost in order to have a more secure neighbourhood.

Security guards working with the police

Security guards can help fill in the gaps when the police are stretched too thin to cover every area, and they are an extra set of eyes that the police can use to help keep an eye on problem areas. It's important that any security patrol is skilled and properly trained in order to be effective. Unskilled people patrolling a neighbourhood can lead to tragic results, but professional guards can manage the security needs of a community when the police can't be there.

Some police officers choose to take on security jobs on a part-time basis. Some do this to supplement their income, while others choose to do so in order to provide additional security for special events. Either way, the community benefits.

Contact security guard services to learn more about how they can keep your community safe.