Six Suggestions For Staying Sane While Sharing Small Spaces

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Six Suggestions For Staying Sane While Sharing Small Spaces

21 October 2015
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There are several reasons why you may share an apartment, like those at Wynn Residential Apartments in Toronto, with someone else. Perhaps it has the perfect location, is in a wonderful building, or allows you to save your money to purchase a larger property later on. Whatever the reason, you should be aware that while sharing small spaces with other people can cause tension, there are also many ways that you can ease that tension. To keep your relationship with your housemate healthy, make sure you follow these six tips. 

Discuss Your Needs

When you and your housemate first move in together, it is important to set up clear expectations of how much privacy and space you each need. You may want to outline a rough schedule of quiet hours and social hours as well as create guidelines for inviting guests over.

If you are friends or romantically involved with your roommate, then make sure that you are on the same page about how much affection and interaction is desirable. Keep in mind that you may have to adjust this if you change your work or school schedule or have other major life changes. 

Spend Time Outside of the Home 

If both you and your roommate are always in the apartment that you share, you may begin to feel cramped. When you feel frustrated, go for a walk and enjoy the space of the area around your home. In bad weather you can go to a coffee shop or a gallery to experience more space. Again, you may want to schedule times when each of you will be out of the apartment so the other one can take advantage of some alone time. 

Organize Your Space

If your space is already limited, having clutter around the house can quickly frustrate you. This can lead to more conflict with your roommate about cleaning duties and whether or not you actually need certain items. To prevent this, take a few days to organize your space. You may be surprised by the extra space that can be created with clever storage techniques. 

Keep Your Home Tidy

Once everything has a specific place, it is important that you return them to that place when they are not in use. Keeping shared areas tidy will allow you and your roommate to begin new activities without having to clean the other's mess.

In a small apartment, you may need to keep private areas tidy as well as common areas. This is because the visual impact of clutter can be negative, and in small apartments it can be more difficult to fully separate private areas. 

Define Common and Personal Spaces

Even if you have a studio apartment, it is important to define common and personal spaces. You may designate a certain chair as a quiet place where you or your roommate can read, think, or watch television without being interrupted. If you have a bit more space, designating a room or a curtained area as the private space can also work well. 

Give Emotional Space When Physical Space Is Unavailable

Even if you feel like you are stepping over each other, it is possible to give emotional space to your roommate. You may want to try not filling silence with small talk and avoiding eye contact to make it feel like you have a bit more privacy. This can feel rude at first, but if you discuss it with your roommate, you may find that you settle into a pattern of engagement and disengagement after a few days.

If you are sharing a small space with someone, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. However, you may also consider whether you and your roommate want to start looking for a larger apartment.