4 Adjustments Seniors May Experience When Downsizing From A House To A Condo

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4 Adjustments Seniors May Experience When Downsizing From A House To A Condo

22 December 2015
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When the time comes to sell the home you raised your family in and move into something smaller, you might want to consider buying a condominium. Condos are ideal for seniors, and they come in many sizes, locations, and price ranges. As you plan for this big change in your life, there are some differences in homes and condos you should be aware of. Because of these differences, you may have some adjustments you will need to make, and here are four of them.

Small Living Quarters

While there are times when people move from small homes to large condos, most of the time it is the other way around. People that move from family homes often move into condos as a way of downsizing.

If you have lived in your home for many years, it is likely you will have to get rid of some of the things you have. This is especially true if you are planning on moving into a condo that is smaller than your home. Living in smaller living quarters is certainly not a bad thing, though. In fact, it might be exactly what you need now that your children have grown up and moved out.

Moving from a house to a condo can require some adjusting, though, and this will include keeping only the things you really need. Fortunately, making a move like this is a benefit for you and your kids. It offers the opportunity to sort through everything you own, which will relieve some of the responsibility placed on your kids when you eventually pass away. As you go through your things, you could offer your unwanted things to your kids. If they do not want them, you could sell them, donate them, or throw them away.

Close Neighbors

A second adjustment you may have to make involves your neighbors. Condos are typically grouped together, which means you may have neighbors in the same building as you are living in. If you are not used to this, it might take some time to get adjusted; however, this can be a great benefit of living in a condo.

If you are retired and have extra time on your hands, having close neighbors could be a great opportunity for you. It could offer a way to make close friends, and it could give you something to do with your spare time.

Differences In Maintenance

A third adjustment you may have to make relates to the maintenance required at a condo versus at a single-family home. When you move into a condo, you will no longer have to do yard work. All other types of outdoor maintenance may also be eliminated from your to-do list.

Most condos offer these services to the homeowners that live there. You will have to pay a monthly fee to the condo association, but the fee will cover all these duties and services. This is a great feature for people that are no longer physically able to complete yard tasks they could once do.

Changes In Amenities

Finally, you may have to adjust to the changes in amenities at your new condo. As you search for the right condo to purchase, you may have certain amenities you would like to find with a unit. This might include finding one that has a swimming pool or workout room in the community, or you might want one that offers certain types of security.

Moving to a condo is a great way to downsize when you retire, and there are plenty to choose from. To begin searching for the right one for you, contact a real estate agent to schedule some condo showings.