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investing in a rental property

Are you looking for a home that you can use as a rental? Investing in real estate to lease to tenants is oftentimes a great way to spend your money. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong if you don't take the time to do your research first. Think about the materials in the house - will they withstand the abuse of tenants? Will you have to replace the flooring between each tenant? This is just one thing to consider. To learn more about what you should keep in mind when searching for an investment home, continue reading through my blog.

How Security Guards Are Reducing Crime Within the Community Without a Badge

7 August 2015
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When it comes to reducing crime, the police have their hands full. It's just not possible for them to be everywhere, all the time, and many times they are called after a crime has been committed. For communities and businesses who want to prevent crime in their neighbourhoods, it takes more than just a helpful police department. While it's never recommended that a civilian confront someone committing a crime, trained security guards are more than capable of doing so, and they can be the missing link that helps keep crime out of the community. Read More …